Suggested Reading Order

With exception of the Blackwood Series, all my books are written as standalones but are always best if read in order to avoid any light spoilers.

Below is the reading order of my books chronologically.


The Blackwood Series was my debut series. The first book of the Made series is a spin-off of the Blackwood series, but it's not required to read the Blackwood Series in order to enjoy. 


The Billingsley Series is a complete standalone series not tied to the other two series, though if you read the Blackwood Series, you might catch a little special mention of Derailed (Liam's Band).


1. A Reason To Stay

2. The Only One

3. A Reason To Leave

4. Forever Yours

1. Honor

2. Burden

3. Salvation

1. Redeeming Lottie

2. Chasing Hannah

3. Taming Wes

4. Tempting Tim

5. Roping Melanie