Teaser Alert! The Only One Releases Tomorrow!

April 26, 2017

 I am excited to announce the early release of The Only One, the sequel to A Reason To Stay! Here is a little teaser and the book trailer to tide you over until then ;)


Sneak Peek to The Only One :


He dropped me on the bed with a small bounce as he crawled over me with his wicked smile. “You, Ms. Conner, need to learn to control yourself.”


“You like me out of control,” I countered pulling at the edges of his shirt collar to bring him closer to me. He hovered over me. His forearms caging me in. Our heads touching as I stared at his kissable lips. I licked my lips inviting his to dance with mine.


“Only when I’m the one making you out of control,” he smirked.

He moved devastatingly slow, bringing our mouths together. His hands caressing and stimulating every inch of my body…slowly…torturously. He was evil. Pure, intoxicating, delicious, evil. He was teaching me a lesson. Schooling me on the art of seduction. Teasing me until I was at the brink of losing my ever loving mind.



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